NEED A LINEN CUPBOARD?? WE have a few options in BARN! KITCHEN or LINEN! in Hillcrest, KwaZulu-Natal for sale

NEED A LINEN CUPBOARD?? WE have a few options in BARN!

OPEN all this weekend for thr browse of your life! DONT MISS it, if you need stuff for your home, or revamping or NEW HOME NEW?Y MARRIED! WE CAN FUENISH YOUR CASTLE! Remember the trailer, the credit card and the measuememenrs, we WILL HELP U WITH YOUR CHOICES and put your ideas into action! has easy directions! PRINT THIS Or ask Jude? HEY JUDE's is the biggest seconds for FABULOSITY FURNITURE FINDS! DEBIT facilities and DELIVERY options. WE stock it all, everything you need, just bring your FAB U LIST and we will fill it and help you with ideas! Easy for ALL, HILLCREST, please come up N3 towards PMB, take CAMPERDOWN off ramp, left at top 3km to TJUNCTION, left again 4km see HEY JUDES sign go RIGHT to INGOMANKULU 4km to the BARN! TOTI please come up UMBUMBULU R603 40 mins from KINGSWAY afrer TREVTON eggs look for sign on left. PMB take exit 61, go towards ESTON, follow above and RICHMOND,DRUMMOND close to all!! JUST ASK!! OPEN EVERY DAY except closed MONDAYS but IF MONDAY IS A holiday then open as OPEN on PUBLIC HOLS!